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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  April 26, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> sean: during an event yesterday joe biden decided to go off script yet again. >> i'm off the teleprompter. i'm off the teleprompter because i want to tell you,
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the statistics don't tell the whole story. >> sean: mr. president, buy him his own teleprompter and make him use it.
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>> sean: in under a month republicans could be celebrating the pick up of a house seat in the hands of democrats nearly two decades. more interesting this seat happens to be in president obama's hometown district. there you see the house the anointed one spent part of his childhood. for years the area has been a democratic stronghold that could change. a special election will take place may 22nd to fill the seat previously held by neil abercrombie now running for governor. could the president's old stomping ground be sending a republican to washington, d.c.? joining me from honolulu city councilman and member of the
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u.s. army reserve, charles welcome to the program. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> sean: aloha, thank you for being here. apparently, democrats think a lot of your candidacy national democrats have launched massive attacks you. tell us what they are saying about you? >> i guess it is a good sign democrats are spending hundreds of thousands to tear down my candidacy. sure sign they are afraid what the voters of hawaii may do. some attacks have been that i supposedly favor shipping jobs overseas. the reason for that is because i signed a pledge not to raise taxes. it is utterly prepros -- preposterous claim but a sign of how desperate the democrats are. we can win. if we win here in hawaii it makes a profound statement for the republicans to take back control of the u.s.
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house of representatives this coming november. >> sean: it seems the biggest issue with the campaign committee their attacks is that you oppose the stimulus plan. you have gone on record saying you have never voted for a tax increase. never supported wasteful government spending. we have chronicled in two specials on this program the government waste as it relates to the stimulus. i would think this is a favorable issue for. it is the only thing -- go ahead. >> sean, it clearly shows the desperation. i think of the majority of congress and how they are taking our nation in the wrong direction. my candidacy is built on a simple premise that i understand every single dollar that the government spends comes from a family like yours. if i'm fortunate enough to you get elected to congress that is something i will never forget. that simple statement, unfortunately frightening and scaring the national operatives in
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washington, d.c.. much more reason why we need to change the direction of congress. because their mentality of spend, spend, spend, if that doesn't work spend more is doing a great disservice to the american people and i look forward to bringing as much to the people of hawaii in this upcoming election. >> sean: i like everything that you are saying. >> thank you. >> sean: if congress would spend money as if it was their own i think they would be far more fiscally responsible. the question is, -- go ahead. >> no, i was going to say you are right. that's why we desperately need things like earmark reform. moratorium on pork congress is spending. balanced budget amendment. what we don't need is another stimulus package or a one trillion dollar take over of the health care industry. >> sean: this seat has been held by a democrat for two decades. do you think the environment is similar to massachusetts or
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new jersey? do you think could be the year and what do the poll numbers show? >> absolutely. we are extreme sighted about this campaign. you know the poll numbers the only poll number that counts is the one taken by voters on election day. some of the recent polls show my campaign is either tied for the lead or joying a razor thin lead. the important thing is we have a great message. that it is more important toe electric a congressman who wants to hold down your taxes and let you keep more of your money or the congressman who wants to spend more. sean if you are a liberal you wake up in the morning and say i'm not paying enough in taxes, i need to pay more. i like the message of fiscal responsibility. >> nobody is stopping you from paying more taxes. >> sean: i den have any change left. that's another story. good luck all the best to you. >> thanks i appreciate it.
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i invite everybody to visit my website let's do this next time on wikiki beach, all right? >> sean: we'll get on that as soon as possible. >> aloha. >> sean: aloha. time to check in with greta. >> greta: wait a second. since you just interviewed him i probably should interview him next so i will go to hawaii. you just did the interview, you don't need another interview with him. >> sean: you know what, i locked this next one in. you can have the one after. maybe we can did a joint interview, we have never didn't that before. >> greta: that would be a first. tonight we have karl rove, and what president obama doesn't need, a democratic congressman putting the squeeze on name congressman is here, plus much more. see you in honolulu. >> sean: i can only hope. we'll be out there surfing
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together. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great, great american panel is next. rc
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order now and you can get an extra four weeks of awesome meals! 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks. 140 meals absolutely free. call or click now. don't make me come looking for you. . >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he has worked at the "washington post" juan williams is here. she a former vicer to president george w. bush, leslie sanchez is back. he's the host of red eye here on fox news channel, the one and only growing gutfeld who has the nicest hair in the history of television do. i really? i thought you had great hair. >> sean: stop it. people ask is it real? it is real. >> you have a low hairline you are blessed.
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my hair could be gone in five years i'm going to keep it in a box. >> sean: more than i want to know democratic party have an enron problem? president is going to lecture wall street about the evils and corporate malfeasance and mismanage doesn't begin to compare to government malfeasance and mismanage and corruption, but that's another issue you got all the presidents, daschle, gephardt, reid, obama, rahm rahmbo dead fish ed to goldman sachs who are they to lecture anybody? >> the government for whatever since they committed never took us into a near depression, wall street did that second, big money is all around. the recession was caused by failures, the housing market bubble that exploded on wall street, bad, bad mortgages that became bad securities. >> sean: it was caused by the
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government insisting banks and financial institutions give loans to people who could never pay it back. >> check with the people who are rating agencies. people packaging bad mortgages, selling bad mortgages so they can make fees. your point is the democrats take lots of money from wall street and how is he going to show up and lecture them. >> sean: should he give back the money? >> no. should bush give back money because henry paulson was bush's secretary. >> sean: hannity fox news alert. bush isn't president. this is his debt, his deficit. can we stop -- >> the fact that the economy took a dive under bush. the fact that bush did the first bailout, i should ignore that >> sean: bringing us down the path to economic ruin is his fault. >> i think he's going with a blank cheque to wall street and reimburse that money he --
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10 times as much went from goldman sachs to obama than enron money went to bush that's a huge disparity if you are talking about bad guys >> i think you are both right. i hate to see you argue, it is like watching my parents argonaut saying you are older. -- my parents argue. not saying you are older. >> sean: they forced them, they legislated. >> then you have the banks, a problem. here's a bigger issue, most of america, including myself have no idea what is going on with this stuff because it is not taught in schools. we have home ec, when we should be having ecec. >> sean: economics 101. >> exactly >> sean: if these allegations are true, they -- there will be the proper penalty we have
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laws, rules on the now. that's not the point. i think for barack obama to take all this money from wall street then to lecture the world that wall street is a horrible place and banking industry is horrible when it is so end says it is phone >> no politician, republican or democrat, they all take big money from wall street. leslie -- leslie says 10 times wall street is 100 times the size of enron. >> let's focus on goldman sachs. around treasury is called government sachs. what is interesting this week in a senate finance committee the special inspector general for the government bailout said he may start probing whether securities sold by goldman sachs lead to losses for aig and if taxpayers were victims of fraud. they are you pulling on something that is bigger.
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>> sean: this is how incestuous it gets greg craig now representing goldman sachs he has all his connections in the white house. >> tim geithner is tied into all this and he's bailing out wall street. you know what, it was republicans that let tim geithner slide when he wasn't paying taxes. >> sean: there were people screaming like sean hannity. the head of the irs has no business telling the rest of us to pay. >> how come republicans on the hill didn't say that. >> if you apologize everything is okay. i think the investigation is coming at the right time. i think it is nice because then obama can say, all these guys worked for me but it is not stopping an investigation. >> >> sean: good point. >> to be fair where there is smoke there is fire. >> sean: if barack obama wants
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to lecture wall street how about washington cleanup their act? if -- >> what are you defending wall treat? >> sean: no, here's the point. if any corporation will run the way government has run our economy and stealing from our kids and grandkids broughting social security, medicare, they would be put in >> and these guys should be put in jail because they did bankrupt our >> sean: the government is worse they bankrupted the economy, why don't we put congressmen and senators in jail? >> if your 401(k) went you under with all these crooks on wall street you wouldn't be singing this song. >> sean: our children are going to spend their entire adult life paying back the debt. >> madoff and those crooks on wall street took money from children, parents and grandchildren and great grandchildren because they took their investments. >> sean: they are using our money so they can buy votes.
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>> who do you think these big wall street companies were making bets with? my money, your money that's why the government guaranteed it, showed up and bailed them out.0é >> sean: i'll take the companies over the government in washington, -- >> you can vote out the clowns in washington. >> he's the guy who is responsible for most of this >> sean: we have to take a >> sean: we have to take a break, come back and continue,,, thanks to the new venture card from capital one, we get dole miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. ( thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please. it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venturcard from capital one... with double miles on every pchase every day. go to wht's in your waet? oh, poor baby.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. the arizona legislature passes this measure the toughest on illegal immigration in the country. it authorizes local police to stop and check the immigration status of anyone they think is in the country illegally. we got a poll about. arizona voters favor it 70-23%.
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what are we to interpret from that? >> not much. reactionary politics, people are upset about immigration we don't have any immigration reform. saw the same poll that said 54% of just republicans think is going to lead to civil rights violations. i got to be sensitive to this, because i have a friend, an irish friend, sean hannity, i don't want people in new york stopping you and saying, hey irish kid are you here illegally or not because you are walking down the street and look irish. >> sean: how do we solve a problem where we don't control our borders? >> immigration reform. >> sean: people don't respect our laws. the answer proposed by washington we give everybody that broke the law a pass. >> you know, >> sean: you pay a snail fine, excuse me. you -- you pay a small fine, excuse me. but you stay the country.
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arizona is under seen like many states along the us-mexico border. it is not just the immigrant it is narco trafficking, more violence. there's a real feeling that the obama administration turned a blind eye and allowed the porous border -- >> sean: the fence was hardly -- the stopping of the fence was hardly noticed by anybody. >> she has tapped down, skirmishes, folks trying to do their job. >> impact on the health care system, educational system, criminal justice system, taxpayers' also of jobs for people in this country illegal is real. >> two things, a lot of critics are is racial profiling duh! they are coming from another country that's what do you have to look at them and see who they are before you know they are legal or illegal. i don't think that is a fair criticism. >> hear what i said about
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irish in new york? you know lots of irish illegal immigrants are in new york. you don't think there are lots of irish blonde blue-eyed people in new york city never get stopped and say are you illegal? >> sean: i support people coming from around the globe. >> god bless. >> sean: but you to come legally. if you don't come legally, you go home. does that make me a mean person? >> no, but it does if you say i'm going to stop everybody who looks irish or has an irish accent. >> sean: we arrest people for murder and don't send them back for crying out loud. >> well you should for murder. why done you support immigration reform? >> sean: i do but it is amnesty-lite. if we opened up our borders tomorrow the entire world would want to come. we have limited highly coveted slots why give it to people that didn't respect our laws? >> we need immigrants we need
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their energy, their talent. >> sean: if you came illegally, go home. >> okay fine but we got 12 million. >> sean: people say i'm mean. here illegally? >> sean: bus, train, plane. >> until you make it easy to get in legally you have to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in illegally. >> sean: what's the point of a new law when the people who broke the old law will get a pass and stay? >> that's part of the problem with the reagan amnesty. the truth be told the economy goes south so do the number of illegal immigrants who come to this country. federal government is not doing its job putting a financial burden on the states to do their part. >> sean: we did this debate earlier about gerhardt longtime nfl scout insisted the fact that he is a white running back will prevent him from going in the first round. is that a form of racism? >> it is :any.
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he's just not -- it is lenny. he's just not that good. we should have a no race blame day. we should start it now. >> sean: he's saying this was said by nfl teams and a scout. >> he said that somebody said it. >> sean: you don't believe him >> i say sour grapes. >> i'm a redskins fan i love john riggins. if you are a great running back and you are white -- i think america says hey great we like that i don't know how that's a losing deal for anybody. >> sean: let's assume this was said. if it was said is it a form of racism? >> it is yeas ness. >> i agree. >> sean: ending on a happy note. now that i dropped my football here. >> they are not going to draft you. >> i think that was racist what he just say. >> sean:


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